Multifundos Business Areas:Multifundos has a wide range of services to support the business growth of its customers.

Management consultingMultifundos has the following Management Consulting services

Strategic Consulting

Multifundos through its innovative strategic consulting methodology helps companies achieve their goals through personalized techniques. Multifundos has a wide range of services to support the business growth of its customers.

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Business Models

We advise on the development of new business models. We develop strategies with your team to differentiate and drive your business.

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Support for the creation of a company

Multifundos will be able to provide all the support needed to support the creation of a company. We have expert consultants that will accelerate your business.

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Business Diagnostics

Multifundos business diagnostics is an in-depth study of all areas of your company, can identify the weaknesses and strengths of your business.

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Action Qualification

Focused on empowering your business in management and digital areas, the Action-Training program promotes increased business results (90% funded).

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Project Management

Multifundos provides project management services to clients from various sectors, and we assure clients that the project meets the quality standards.

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Financial ConsultingMultifundos has the following Financial Advisory Services

Merger & Acquisition & Sale

Multifundos has consultants specializing in providing personalized services to support clients in the acquisition, merger, and sales (M&A) of companies.

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Financial Auditing

Multifundos has financial auditing services focused on information and advice, which supports the investment decision-making of your SME.

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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies conducted by Multifundos aim to understand the technical, economic, and financial possibilities of a new/current project to be undertaken.

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Company Evaluation

Multifundos specializes in company evaluation, we provide an exempt work, with high analytical and strategic capacity to support top management.

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Business Plans

Multifundos provides services in the preparation of business plans for the creation of companies, investment scenarios, and the development of applications.

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Marketing ConsultingMultifundos has the following Marketing Consulting Services

Sales Consulting

At Multifundos, we provide sales consulting that is vital to your company’s livelihood. We monetize results, reducing time and business wastage.

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Strategic Marketing

Multifundos Strategic Marketing consultancy aims to advise and guide companies’ activities, contributing to greater effectiveness.

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Multifundos, together with international partners, assists companies in the elaboration of an internationalization strategy reducing risks.

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Market Study

Multifundos is a Portuguese company specialized in market studies adapted to the needs of each project, using innovative methodologies.

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Marketing Plans

The marketing plan developed by Multifundos is the simplest and fastest way to put your strategy into practice and drive your business to success.

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Multifundos value proposition arises from the combination of traditional business consulting methodologies. As coaching and digital marketing, ensuring that team performance and extra motivation are consistently applied, results are measured. Mainly towards the strategic vision of the company. These are key mechanisms for companies to respond to new opportunities. And to ensure sustainable growth in their current processes.

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We help our clients navigate the complexities of business management and transformation, including:

  • Understand customer expectations and business realities
  • Explore new ways to monetize using new business models
  • Support in the implementation and management of investment projects
  • Support customers in introducing their business into Industry 4.0 by supporting business digitization and identifying technology to make it more efficient.
  • Support and raise awareness of your human capital in business and business transformation processes.

Results Achieved by MultifundosUndertake innovative solutions through management, promoting a circular approach, and creating shared value.

In a global world, successful businesses are the ones that know how to face the multiple challenges ahead. And it’s easier to do with trusted partners. In this context, Multifundos has developed partnerships with other entities in order to be able to help its customers by giving them access to the best solutions for their business.

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