Business Diagnostics

Why you need a Business Diagnosis?Through the knowledge of Multifundos consultants, we identify problems and develop solutions that aim to improve your business and increase the value proposition presented to your clients. Such as:

  • Identification of priority projects
  • Identification of services/products that create value for your company versus those that destroy value
  • Verification of formal and informal procedures that support your company’s strategy and structure.
  • Identification of current leadership style
  • Identification of problems experienced by employees and stakeholders.
  • Identification of competencies owns your organization and what are the gaps.
  • Human capital management process analysis.
  • Analysis of company positioning in digital and analog
  • Communication process analysis and internal tools.
Multifundos Consultoria Diagnostico Empresarial

What can my business benefit from Business Diagnostics?

  • Multifundos has a methodology tested in more than 2000 SMEs of the Portuguese business, with excellent productivity gains and increased results.
  • Analyze the current situation;
  • Verify strategic alignment with existing resources;
  • Take advantage of existing opportunities and resources to overcome difficulties and increase competitiveness;
  • Identify critical points of change;
  • Develop action plans and priorities.

Business Diagnostic Methodology

At first glance, it seems that we are facing a medical diagnosis, at Multifundos, we are often seen as the corporate doctor, and we also change agents like all company members and stakeholders. In this sense, Multifundos adopted a clear and transparent posture throughout the entire process.

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