Business Model

Business Model Workshop

Studies show that changing and/or adopting new business models can create up to 25 times more competitive advantages over traditional products and processes. However, only 17% of companies analyzed their business model and compared it with their competitors.

It’s time to shift focus to what matters most.

Do not turn your business into the next Kodak.

This is the thinking that leads SMEs to multinationals to join our Business Model Workshops.

Business Model Workshop Results

Our workshop will help your company answer the following questions:

  • What do I need to do for my business to generate new sources of revenue?
  • What is the problem or market need I am addressing?
  • What sets me apart from my competition, what value proposition do I deliver to my customers?

Tailored to your business needs

Got ideas for expanding your business?

Looking to develop a new business area to leverage new revenue sources?

Want to energize your team?

So this is the workshop that will do the different.

We have a methodology with excellent results tailored to your business needs.


How can Multifundos help us?

Multifundos team was a pioneer in Portugal with these Workshops, applying them to startups, SMEs, and multinational companies. Over the years, we have been refining our methods using increasingly practical tools. We have several examples of sectors that, in contact with your team is the ignition that your business lacks.

What are the real advantages for my company to participate in a program like this?

Encourages discussion and generates new ideas around the company’s business model;

Alignment of the organization’s mission, vision, strategy, and resources with its sources of income and sustainability;

Results in short time and with high impact on the company;

Simplicity and clarity in presenting conclusions.

Business Model Workshop2-day in-house training program.

Day 1: Creativity and idea generation

The whats and whys of business model innovation:


Inspiring warm-up examples of successful startups and corporations

    • How complete sectors are changing?
    • What is a business model?
    • How is it relevant to us?
    • How-to: Business model creativity tools:
      • Overview of different techniques
      • Business model kit
      • In-depth analysis of cases

Day 2: Focus on validation

Business model patterns:


Which patterns can we learn from?

Freemium, broker, ad-based models, and more

Business model cocktails: how stable industries are changing



Interactive workshop and pitching session:


Designing new business models (in groups): evaluation of concepts

Pitching the results

Round-up session