Merger & Acquisition & Sale

Want to sell your business?

We advise on the sale of your company, simplifying and assisting in finding investors for your projects.

The transaction process of a company is hugely complex. Multifunds is a trusted partner with a wealth of experience. We maximize your interests by ensuring a realistic assessment of your business. We apply tailor-made methodologies and implement and manage the process of selling or closing low-performance operations. We ensure a smooth transaction as well as the right structure to achieve the desired strategic outcome.

Using our network of investors, we present the projects to potential investors and filter the indications of interest, adapting the investor profile to the type and stage of the company/project. Our investor network includes private equity investment funds, venture capital investment funds, private institutional investors, individual investors, and business angels.

The transaction process of a company is hugely complex. Multifunds is a trusted partner with a wealth of experience. We can help you deliver better deals and secure your position with accurate business valuation by developing an authentic relationship with you.

Services provided under the Sales Process

Company Profile

Preparation of a brief document outlining the Company’s profile, describing the essence of the activity, and the reasons for its sale.

Identify potential buyers

We are proactive in identifying potential buyers using local contacts and BDO’s international network.


We evaluate the business to be sold, which will serve as the reference value of the transaction.

Documentation Preparation

We support the preparation of information to be provided at the various stages and the definition of agreements to be formalized. May include vendor due diligence report and data room organization.

Contact potential buyers

We manage the process to ensure a balance between the information provided and the interest shown by the prospective buyer.


We support negotiations to maximize sales value and impact to current shareholders.

Post Transaction

We support the implementation of restructuring plans after the sale of part of the business.

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Services provided under the Sales Process

Target Business Identification

We have a vast knowledge of the national market, as we work with the leading business associations. We have several investment opportunities in consolidated companies looking for investment to scale their business. Internationally we belong to an international network where we have several investment opportunities every day.

Approach to target companies

We act with the required confidentiality, always safeguarding the rights of investors.


We support the assessment to define an appropriate value for the investment in question; we elaborate a study taking into account the return time.

Negotiation Support

We suggest the business strategy in the interest of our client.

Due Diligence – Through a team of specialists, we carry out due diligence, analyzing risks in the context of Company continuity and changes in shareholder structure.

Finalization of the negotiations

We provide the necessary advice for the completion of negotiations and the establishment of final agreements.

We also help to structure the operation.

Post Transaction

We support our clients in implementing integration plans and monitoring them.

Services provided under the Sales ProcessAssociated with the Financial Consulting area, Multifundos provides other services such as: