Project Management

Your partner inefficient project management

Multifundos provides project management services to clients from various sectors and with presence in the world market. We have highly specialized staff that assures our clients that the project meets the quality standards, deadlines, and budget.

Our management process includes all planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures, and protocols to achieve our defined goals with our clients. We have the tools, the resources. Dedication and experience to carry out the programming of tasks and control their execution, respecting the set times, quality, and costs.

Project management is key to answering your business questions.

Project Management Checkup

How can I quickly identify project management failures?

What am I doing that is hurting the success of the project?

Methodologies and tools

Do my teams have the right tools to perform well?

What are the best methods and practices?

What are the steps that lead to an efficient result?

Project Management IT Solution

Am I in possession of all the information available and necessary to make the best decision?

Is the dispersal of information delaying project progress?

Project Management Control Mechanisms

  • Do my projects meet the time and cost?
  • Are there, deviations? How much? Because?
  • Am I ahead or behind the plan?
  • What impact does it have on project costs and resources?

Project Management Unit Process

How can I ensure that I have all the essential resources to ensure project success throughout its life cycle?

Support in expanding your business

Know the best solutions, without compromise.

Customer Benefits

Rigorous and experienced Project Management based on previous extensive experience allowing the efficient coordination of the various activities involved and their supervision;

Assumed responsibility of the management of several essential aspects such as Cost, Time Scope and Project Quality aiming at the optimization of results and the satisfaction of the end customer;

Possibility of assigning the various subtasks, of the project to different entities because the Project Management coordinates these activities.

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